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Only a few minutes walk to the southwest of Sarusawa Pond in Nara, there is an area where narrow lanes cross each other, with a very historical atmosphere. If you don't know where and what it is you might not notice you are walking through Nara's Hanamachi (※) district of Ganriin. Ganriin is where Nara's only Hanamachi still exists today.


※Hanamachi, literally "Flower Town", is the term for a district where geiko and maiko live and work.


I'm an architect. And I love the old architecture of Nara. When I set up my office in Ganriin, I decided to use half the space for a gallery where old photos that I obtained from people are displayed. Today, there are over 1,000 photos collected here (generally about 16 of them are displayed) and they are all precious historical and cultural records of the area.


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