This is the only place where you can see the history of Ganriin, starting from the Meiji period (1868-1912) through to the late Showa period(1926-1988).I have revived some shamisen music and song. And also I do playing the shamisen by myself.

Around 1900:Geisha is putting on her makeup

Around 1905_Eight geisha, representing each of eight 'Okiya7(geisha houses) in Nara

Around 1920_Procession of geisha playing musical instruments

1918_Celebration of the 10th anniversary of opening of the central telephone exchange

1928_Geisha are about to dance in front of Shinto gods at Kasuga Grand Shrine

Around 1932_Maiko(apprentice geisha) at Eya Bridge

Around 1932_Geisha are dancing,accompanied with the special song and music called _Nara Ko-uta__

1932_Bon Festival Dance in mid-August

Around 1932_Open-air_Beer Hall_ at Sarusawa Pond

1947_Geisha and American soldiers in the Occupation

1951_Geisha and American soldiers of the occupation forces at Nara Hotel

1951_Geisha and the family of _Mangyokuro_geisha house on New Year's Day

1954_Geisha are at the reception desk of the opening ceremony of _Yuraku Kaikan_commercial complex

1960_Geisha are performing_Naga-uta_songs with accompanying_shamisen_three-string instruments

1961_Ceremony for three new holders of the diploma in Japanese dancing from_Sakamoto School_

Around 1975_The owner of _Mangyokuro_geisha house is chatting with a geisha at the reception desk